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June - July 2004

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    In summer of 2004 we were in Morocco for six weeks and at the end we regretted that we could not stay longer. We lived in Tangier which is a modern Moroccan town with French and Spanish influence. The old part  - Medina is unchanged since centuries and the life goes there on slower pace. Our accommodation was in Ville Nouvelle - New Town on the boulevard lined with coffee shops where the Moroccan men spend there time in front of a mint tea watching the passers-by. The first three days were hard for Diana walking alone on the streets in this male dominated society, getting used with the stares and greetings from the men, but later she found out that a pair of dark sunglasses makes the life easier. In general Moroccan people are very friendly and a smile and a polite answer does a lot in Morocco

    Morocco offers a lot of interesting things to see, the old towns with the palaces, the Roman ruins, the landscape of the Atlas. We visited the Roman ruins of Lixus near Tanger, the town of Chefchouaen in Middle Atlas, Meknes as famous as Fes and Marrakech but quieter, the impressive Roman ruins of Volubilis with the well preserved mosaics, we made a trek in the Middle Atlas to the natural stone arch named "God's Bridge".

Was a pity that we couldn't go to the edge of Sahara desert to see the famous sand dunes, maybe next time?


Tangier at the Mediterranean Sea

View of Ville Nouvelle and Medina from our apartment

2 Center of town

Vendor with swordfish and shark in the fish market in Tangier



Moroccan with lobsters


5 Fresh meat in the market



A street in the town of Larache


7 Chefchouaen - small town in Middle Atlas
8 House in Chefchouaen





Plaza Uta el-Hammam, the Kasbah and the mosque




Medina of Chefchouaen




Inside the Kasbah and typical blue door in Chefchouaen


12 Moroccan roof terrace
13 Market in Chefchouaen
14 Landscape in Middle Atlas

Morocco 1 / Morocco 2

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