April 1998 - April 1999

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Normal traffic jam in Manila
2 Cebu island - Moalboal is a good dive destination
3 The day after the hurricane Gading which passed over the island of Pangasinan with 200 km/h winds leaving behind uprooted trees, roofless houses, flood and dead people.
4 One of the main roads after the hurricane: all the huge mango trees are laying on the ground
5 A Filipino with his carabao ( water buffalo)

Basket vendor traveling on the roads of Luzon Island
7 "One Hundred Islands" is a weekend destination for locals and expats. Just need to hire a wooden boat which will drop you on one of the small islands and spend there time relaxing on the white sand beach
8 Sunset at "Umbrella Rocks"
9 Trekking on the ash fields and through the canyons of Pinatubo Volcano which last erupted in 1991
10 The colorful jeepney is the local transport

Fish vendor in the market in Alaminos
12 Fishermen returning from the sea
13 Simple bamboo hut

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