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1   School of barracuda circling above us
2   Lava tubes entrance
3   Michael in Corsair airplane wreck
4   Grey reef shark
5   Wreck of a ship sank during the cyclone in 1997
6   Yassur volcano on Tanna island, active and still doing a lot of damage when it erupts from time to time. The volcano is considered the most accessible in the world, when it is on a low level of activity you can stay on the crater rim and watch the firework display.

Our simple accommodation at the foot of the volcano



Snowboarding on volcanic ash


9   Eruptions of lava
10   Eruptions of lava at night
11   Kastom dance performed by the men of a small village in Tanna

Demonstration of fire making



Drinking kava – the extract from the root of kava plant, looking and tasting like dishwater but with anaesthetic effect.

Kava bar on Tanna island – “ALL WELKAM”


14   Cargo cult or “John Frum” cult– a local religion which started during WW II when somebody made a prophecy that richness will come. This happened quite soon when the American Army landed on the island bringing food and supplies. They left after sometime and the local people are still waiting for them to return bringing the promised richness. The cult followers gather every Friday, and after some kava drinking they sing and dance till late in the night.
15   Village children singing religious songs.


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