28.08. - 14.09.2014

After last years tour to Iceland we looked for a convenient Nordic camper-van destination. Just an hour from St. Petersburg by plane we went to Helsinki, picked up a car and went all the way up to Lapland till the tip of the European Union.

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One of our first stops was at Kolovesi National Park to visit the 5000 years old rock paintings.

The rock painting wall, a good 1hour hike from the parking through nice virgin forest.

The castle of Savonlinna

A sand sculpture somewhere in a small town.

Lakeland – a camping place and a boat.

North of Rovaniemi at the Santa Claus Village we crossed at 66.5° latitude over the arctic circle.

A walk into a bird sanctuary.

The first mushrooms!

The first harvest.

Barbecue on the camp fire – only the finish sausages were not our taste.

A Walk near Inari – Lapland landscapes.

Found mushrooms again.

That's as far as we got north, near Polmakin.

Via a small detour through Norway along the Varangerfjord with a look at the Barants Sea.

And back to Finland.

Sauna at Njurgulahti in Lemmenjoki National Park.

Cooling down after a sauna.

Colors of autumn.

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