Georgia 2000


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In 2000 we lived and worked for one summer in Kutaisi, the second largest city of Georgia. Three years before the velvet revolution of November 2003 the economy was in really bad shape and you didn't see any tourists - but the people were tremendously hospitable. Here are the highlights of our weekend trips. We will never forget the amounts of white sweet home made  Georgian wine we drank.

1   Tbilisi the capital of Georgia

To the left the remains of the fortress Narikala and in the background the statue of the Mother of Georgia, a monumental statue holding in one hand a sword for the enemies and in the other hand a cup of wine for the friends of Georgia.

2   A corner in the old part of Tbilisi
3   Bakery in Tbilisi where the lavashi bread is baked in the traditional way - goes best with crawfish and beer sold on the street directly in front of the brewery at the river Kura
4   On our trip to the David Gareja monastery - looking over the border to Azerbaijan

  In the Stalin Museum in his birth town Gori - unfortunately there was a power cut during our visit
6   David Gareja monastery from the 6th century. Laying in the dessert to the south of Tbilisi it is still inhabited 
7   David Gareja monastery
8   David Gareja monastery is carved half in the rocks

  The Bagrati Cathedral

It is on the UN World Heritage List. Towering on the hill above Kutaisi, only the outer walls are left but it is still in use.

10   Dinosaurian foot prints at the National Park Sataplia near Kutaisi. On the way there  a plain clothed police men with a Kalashnikov stopped our car and asked to escort us - maybe he just wanted a lift
11   Relaxing at the Black Sea at Ureki Beach - too many cows walk around but there are good fish restaurants along the road. On the way there the police stopped us for over-speeding by 40kmh in a town where only 50kmh were allowed - but when they saw that we are foreigners they laughed an waived us on

  Vardzia Monastery carved in the rocks - a fascinating place - the guide told us about old times when from all over East Europe and the USSR tourist were coming in bus loads. On this Saturday we were the only visitors - seeing across the valley the ruins of the once busy hotels.
13   Diana at Vardzia monastery
14   Our driver and friend Lado - filling up at a petrol station

  Breakfast room in one of the offices at Michaels workplace

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