November 2005

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1   As a warm up to a hectic four week business trip to Mumbai and Chennai we planed to chill out some days at the beaches of Goa. So we had organized  reservation on the over night train from Mumbai to Margao which is pretty easy via the webpage of Konkan Rail - the train operator. You pay by credit card and the ticket is delivered to the coach.

Our journey started at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formerly known as Victoria Station, built by the British in 19th century. It is a World Heritage Site and the busiest train station in the world!

2   The cafeteria in the station is an experience in itself - if you find it. It is on the second floor of the main station. The food is of course vegetarian - and costs only 40 Euro-Cent. At least we did not get any stomach upset.

  First class 3 tiers AC in Konkan Express. Equipped with ear plugs and eye shade I had a good nights sleep.
4   Like a postcard Colva beach in Goa
5   Fishermen boat with nets
6   Fishermen drying fish in front of their huts - and just beside our hotel.
7   And again like a postcard:
Sunset at Colva beach

  Choosing the evening meal at one of the beach restaurants - good service, cheap prices,  and Goan Portwine.
9   One of the hundreds sand crabs which come out after sunset. You can watch for hours how they dig their burrows in the sand.
10   A daily ritual:
People with fighting buffalo going to the training place.
11   You cannot hide from this persistent business woman -
Sari vendors looking for customers
12   Start of season - not too many
tourists yet - 
Beach vendors taking a break
13   And just before sunset:

The ice cream vendor

14   Every evening a good photo opportunity:
Sandpipers on the beach
15   Reminiscence to the Portuguese History
Church of St Francis of Asissi in Old Goa
16   Old Portuguese grave stones in the  Church of St Francis of Asissi

  Stark difference to the catholic past
Sri Manguesh temple
18   Daytrip up in the hills to the Sakhari Spice Farm. Have lunch, watch the ladies dance and learn how all these exotic spices are grown.

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