Agatti Island 29.03 - 04.04.2008
Agatti1 / Agatti2



The landing strip of Agatti Island

      Landing in Agatti


  Just on the walking distance from the airport is the dream beach of Agatti Resort


  Beautifull view of Arabian Sea


  Turtles come every day near the beach to feed on seagrass


  The turtles are not afraid of people and they let you follow them


  Diana on the beach




  Our hut with few luxury but nice view of the beach an the sea


  The white sand invites you to relax


  Outside the resort is the island life with fishing boats


  The sand moulds are made by crabs which dig deep holes to hide during the day from the scorching sun


  and relaxing...


  Enjoying the sunset


  Sunset at Agatti


  Evening visitor - a mantis on the coffee table


  The road to the village at the other end of the island


  Incredible turcoise water of Agatti


  Ready to go diving

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Agatti1 / Agatti2