Chennai 17.04-21.07.2007

Chennai, a town of seven million in South India, at the Indian Ocean. Crowded, loud, polluted, is not a tourist destination, but we didn't came for tourism here. We lived here three months in the hottest time of the year when the temperatures reached almost every day 40 degrees. In middle May were even 43 degrees, which with the high humidity it feels like 55-60. Not a ideal clima to explore the souroundings. But for all the bad things the highlight were the mangos, ripe, aromatic and everywhere to buy. I counted twenty different sorts of mangos, from egg-size to half kilo weight. And every sort has a different aroma, delicious.

A shopping street in Anna Nagar, the city quarter where we lived for three months


  Everything for the kitchen


The Park in Anna Nagar


  The vegetable shop near our house


Chennai Central Station


  A street in Georgetown on Sunday


Richsha waiting for customers


  A temple in Georgetown and the shack where the chariot is kept


The High Court in Chennai and the delicious Indian mango


  A street in Georgetown and thousands of mango


Sleeping in every condition


  A street before the garbage truck comes


Small shop


  Open air market


Another street market


  The ever present cow rumagging through garbage


A marvel of Indian engineering: the tricycle carrying over 200 Kg of goods