We spent most of our free weekends at the seaside town of Mammallapuram, famous for its old temples and the stonesmits which carve from small decoration objects to complete temples for export. We slept at the resort called Seabreeze which has the view to the 1000 year old temple, the best Indian restaurant in town and a nice swimmingpool..

1000 year old temple in Mammalapuram


  The Five Rathas


The Five Rathas


  The Five Rathas


The beach full of fishermens nets and boats


  Going fishing with a self-made boat


Fisherman fighting againsta the big waves


The beach in Mammalapuram


  Small temple carved in a beach rock


The beach and the 1000 year old temple


  Stonesmiths displaying their work


The temple at sunset




Taxi stand


  Hand-made leather slippers for 5 Euro


The village museum near Mammalapuram


  The village museum


Indian dance from Andhra Pradesh (the men must keep in balance the vessel on their heads)   Taking a 100 Rupee note with the tongue