Mumbai July-August

We live in Juhu area which is near the sea and is a better place to live in Mumbai. Here live a lot of famous Bollywood stars (we saw already two of them). The place is relatively clean concerning the garbage and the air quality.

Juhu beach, a long stretch of sand which is visited in the evening by a huge crowd of people


  The beach is not yet full


The continuosly cleaning of the Juhu beach, a hopeless fight against the plastic bags brought by the sea or thrown away by the people


  Different animals on the beach




The vendors hope for a good business




After a storm the beach looks like this


  The crows eat a sea snake


Sunset at Juhu beach


  Open-air barber shop


A main street in Juhu


  Street in Juhu


Recycling: specialised people who sift through huge piles of garbage and collect paper, plastic, textile, glass.


  A slum near the airport


One of the thousands of children beggars who wait at traffic lights to beg at the stopping cars


  Another slum