Mumbai 01.09 - 05.09.2007


Juhu beach near our house



Vendor on the day of Krishna birthday celebration


On the day of Krishna birthday celebration people makes a tower and try to reach and break the pot filled with milk and suspended on great height


  The milk from the pot is flowing out



Everybody is dancing


After breaking the pot the dancing starts



Milk vendor: fresher milk you can't get


Ricksha-walla waiting for customers


  Kandivili rail crossing. Michael works nearby


Rail crossing: thousand of people cross the rail tracks at Kandivili


  Every 2-3 minutes a train drives by






Slum at the main road


  Another slum at the road


People which are not so lucky to live in slums: they have built tents at the road and live under this plastic foil with small children


  Cooking area


Open air bath for those who doesn't have a proper bath


  Open air bath near the well



Cane furniture shop

Cane furniture shop



Taxi stand