Our Appartment in Chennai

This our three rooms appartment int the posh area of Anna Nagar in Chennai. Situated on the last floor of a three floors building it was extrem hot (bad building materials) as the temperaturea reach 35 degrees in sleepingrooms and 33 degrees in the kitchen. For Indian standard was an exclusive appartment, but the furnishing was spartan and it was quite dirty (can say disgusting). All these for 800 Euro.

Livingroom. The nice hanging chair was bought by us


  Eating area


One bedroom with a very noisy air conditioner


  Second bedroom, also with a very noisy air conditioner


One bathroom


  Second bathroom, the shower is on the wall between toilet and wash basin, so all the bathroom get wet when taking a shower


The kitchen




Third room with a Pooja (for praying)


  We slept nearly three months on the floor in the livingroom because it had the silent split AC and the temperature was bearable


The building


  The wife and the son of the watchman. The whole family lives on the roof of the building, when it rains they sleep on the staircase.
The kitchen ustensils from the watchman family


  The kitchen of the watchman family and our AC


Not nice in our appartment

Dirty switches


  Dirty fan in the kitchen


Dirty kitchen furniture


  Kitchen vessel (also dirty)
Dirty walls in the bathroom


  Bathroom wall


Dirty switches


  Windows like in jail and with milky glass so no view outside (real jail feeling)