March 2013

Just four month after our last trip to the Maldives we were back

and this time without our kid so we took the opportunity to go again on a Life Aboard.

So we had 7 great days on the MS Carpe Diem

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The Ship – 20 guests, 3 dive guides and a crew to make the trip happen

But actually we came for diving – so that is what you get:

Lots of reef

And Overhangs

And funny Creatures

Channel Diving with lots of current and lots of Sharks

And Fan and Table Corals

And Wrecks

And truly fantastic night dives at Mala Thila

And small stuff...

...but also really BIG STUFF

So you come really close to Nature

But there comes the time when you have to return to the surface

Where you can go fishing or at least admire what other people fished

Or have a barbecue on the beach

...and we will return!

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