April 2014

So after two years we are back in Bandos – beautiful resort, wonderful food, excellent service, world class diving
and perfect kids club so that we can enjoy the under water world while our son has also fun.

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From our room: ten meters to the beach

The staff really makes your stay remarkable!

Sea life: sharks from the restaurant jetty

Cleaner Shrimps up side down


sleepy Leopard Shark

an Octopus...

...and another one hiding

Scorpion Fish – hard to see

this small guy we saw often but don't know what it is

Two morays – honey comb and giant

Lion Fish beautiful spread out

more Murays

fierce one

scary one

usual combination – clown fish and anemone

Three fishes

more fishes

much more fishes

Sponge Snail

Scorpion Fish

Leave Fishes in pink

and white

and red


small wreck at the house reef

not only fish but also turtles

and lobster

you can snorkel

or free dive

and amazing sun sets

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