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June 2012 to October 2014

Two and a half years we lived and worked in

St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of russia.

Actually we lived in pushkin, a town of 100.000 people which belongs to St. Petersburg and is most famous for the catherine palace with its amber-room.

Culture, green parks, long sunny white nights but also long black winters, barbecue on the beach and the beautiful sky from our apartment and the winter Olympics in sochi– that's what we will remember.

St. Petersburg the cultural highlights of the city


Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

Isaak Cathedral

View from Isaak Cathedral

Inside Isaak Cathedral

Church in Peterhof

Inside Isaak Cathedral

Isaak Cathedral

On Neva



The Siege of Leningrad – Monument and Museum

Artillery Museum and C-189 Submarine Museum

Inside the submarine

Sleeping quarter in the submarine

The Aurora – the starting shot of the October Revolution

Cathedral of Kronstadt

Village Museum in Viliky Novgorod

Miniature - Museum

Frozen Mammoth in the Natural History Museum

Raketa Watch Factory

Tour of the Raketa watch factory

Our Hometown - Pushkin

Catherine Palace

Alexander Park

Alexander Park in autumn

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

The Olympic Fire came through our neighborhood in Pushkin

In Sochi

Fireworks at the Olympic Stadion


Life in Piter

Playground in Pushkin

Georgian food

St. Petersburg Marathon

Our home in Pushkin in spring

and in winter

Our livingroom

The kitchen

Moskowsky place

A walk on the frozen Neva river

And on the frozen Baltic See in Mai

Alexander Park in winter

On the beach near Kronstadt

Weekend on the beach

Trying the self made kite

Self made kites

The sun just above the horizon, 15th December, 11:30AM

Winter light at midday

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