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  Many open spaces are covered with elephant gras


  The dust and the sun make nice effects.


  Another tiger comming out of the woods ...


  ...and crosses the road in front of our car.


  and more of these guys.


  Giant spider - and the net is also gigantic with 3 to 5m span


  Also often seen spotted deer


  Lizard good camouflaged on a rock


  Rock sculptures at the 2000 years old Bandhavgarh Fort, situated on a hill 400m above the park


  Bats at the main gate of the fort



Rock pyton crossing the road

  The former royal school, kept together by a Banyan Tree


  shrines in the fort


  View from the temple which is still occupied by monks


  Shrine of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver in the incarnation of a turtle


  View of Bandhavgarh park from the fort



Our train back to Mumbai was three hours late so we had a good look at the
place around Katni railway station

  And on the way home we had a tea break on a road stall (chaiwalla)


  the ever present holy cow was also waiting


  Then finally the train was comming ... (this is another cow) ...


  also this family cooks and lives in front of the railway station    

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